Job interviews making you nervous?

Realistic mock interviews. Instant feedback. Fully automated.

Over 3,500 mock interviews conducted.

What's in the box?

  • Unlimited mock interviews. Realistic, automated interviews across the most common industries.
  • Accessible technology. Use any cell phone, computer, or landline phone. No passwords or apps to download.
  • Instant feedback. 9 dimensions of feedback across presentation and content measured automatically after every interview.
  • Security & Privacy. Data encryption, Data durability, FERPA compliance, No passwords. Read more here.

How long would you like to use Talk Hiring for?

  • 3 MONTHS
  • $30 total
  • Before COVID-19: $60
  • 1 MONTH
  • $20 total
  • Before COVID-19: $40
  • 1 WEEK
  • $15 total
  • Before COVID-19: $30

The Talk Hiring Guarantee

We stand by our product. If you feel like our product hasn't been worth your time and money, let us know within 6-months of purchase for a full refund.

Why such cheap prices?

Money is tight for so many people right now. We think that anything that can help individuals find meaningful employment should be affordable.

What feedback do I get after every mock interview?

Within about 30 seconds of completing a mock interview, you'll receive your feedback report. In the report, you'll get all of your interview recordings as well as feedback on presentation and content. As you do more mock interviews, we will identify where you're improving and where you could use some more practice.

What kinds of questions can I practice with?

We have 125 questions in total! We have 30 commonly-asked questions for any interview plus another 95 across the most common industries.

Can I get a free trial?

Sure, try our demo (click here)!

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